Our Mini Taster 6 Pack gives you a way to taste our classic flavors and a few favorites. 


6 - 2 oz. containers. 
Six cookie dough flavors.


Chocolate Chip

Sugar Cookie (Vegan)

Brownie Batter

Reese's Mix
Cookies & Cream (Vegan)
Snickerdoodle (Vegan)


When will I receive my dough?
Spoonful cookie dough is shipped out every Tuesday (Your order will ship on the Tuesday following your order). Our cookie dough currently ships USPS Priority. DO NOT ship to an address that requires a signature. Please keep in mind National Holidays will often change transit times.


How long does your cookie dough last?

Spoonful cookie dough is good for up to 4 weeks in the refrigerator and 3 months in the freezer.


Is your cookie dough bake-able?
Our dough is made to enjoy raw. We do not recommend baking it. 


Do you have gluten free options?
We sure do! You can select our Gluten Free Chocolate Chip or Gluten Free Sugar Cookie in the drop down menu.


When I recieved my dough it was warm and the ice pack melted, is it still safe?
It definitley is! Spoonful cookie dough does not contain any Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) Food and therefore is safe outside of refrigeration temperatures for up to two weeks.

Mini Tasters Six Pack