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The Spoonful Story

Cookie dough is an unconventionally unique dessert, but it happens to make life a lot sweeter.

When I'm asked why I started Spoonful, I'm always searching for a profound or extraordinary story to tell. But really I just wanted to bring edible cookie dough to my community and build a brand that reminds our customers of home.

Spoonful cookie dough is crafted from recipes that have been passed down in kitchens across the country. Of course we've made them safe to eat by eliminating the risk of foodborne illnesses, but we've kept all the goodness to get you closer to the mixing bowl.

Spoonful has grown from a small shop in Miamisburg, OH to being sold in six local locations, offering online ordering (shipping nationwide), catering, Pop-Up Shops, and carried by retailers across the United States. We have ten different cookie dough flavors (including gluten free and vegan options), and multiple toppings.

Come visit us or if you're a cookie dough lover and would like the opportunity to sell Spoonful, reach out and let us know.

We can't wait to see you!



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Our dough is made daily with fresh ingredients and all are safe to eat without baking. None of our flavors contain raw egg and our flour is baked for safety purposes. Edible cookie dough is the real deal, it's just like eating the batter from your mixing bowl at home, only we've made it safe to consume.

Unfortunately, Spoonful cookie dough cannot be baked, and if you're unable to eat all your cookie dough at once, you can store it for up to 4 weeks in the refrigerator. You can also freeze our cookie dough for 3 months. 

Due to our dough being made daily, if you arrive close to closing...all flavors may not be available.

Please be aware that wheat, milk and nuts are used in our kitchen. We do not intentionally mix the flavors, but cannot guarantee that there is no cross contamination. 

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